Oklahoma Consulting & Accounting Services, LLC

Jeff Jenkins - Partner

Jeff Jenkins has been involved in public school auditing and accounting for over 20 years as an auditor and accounts payable specialist.

Jack H. Jenkins, CPA - Partner

Jack "Jay" Jenkins has been involved in the public school industry for 30 years. His experience includes public school auditing, as a treasurer and payroll clerk for several districts as well as serving as chief financial officer for larger districts.

Our firm began almost 20 years ago as Jack H. Jenkins CPA, P.C., providing audit services to more than 60 public schools across Oklahoma. Beginning about 10 years ago, as several charter schools became established in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, we recognized a need these schools had for a cost-effective option for their financial accounting processes. As the regulatory environment has steadily become more complex, the need for our expertise in these areas has increased. Our firm now provides services to more than 20 charter and public schools and has become known in the charter school community as the go-to people that new charter schools look to for help in getting established.


About Our Firm

Whether you are a charter school just starting out or an established charter/public school, you need to choose a consulting firm that brings an unmatched depth of real-world experience. Our consultants began with training as public school auditors, learning the statutory dos and don'ts of public school accounting as well as observing the practices and procedures of many highly successful school districts. This knowledge and experience gives our clients the peace of mind that they are in compliance with state laws and regulations. In addition, our firm is always on call to answer questions about day-to-day operations. We are committed to staying ahead of the regulatory curves that so often blindside schools.


Our Experience

Chelesea Chadwick - Consultant

Chelesea has been with the firm for over 3 years. She processes accounts payable at several schools as well as being a part of an audit team with Jenkins & Kemper, CPAs.

Michael Kemper, CPA - Partner

Michael Kemper has been with the firm for 15 years as an auditor and non-profit tax specialist.

Who We Are

Jen Hussin - Consultant

Jen has been with the firm for 2 years. She currently processes accounts payable and payroll for several clients.

Andrea Fugate - Senior Consultant

Andrea "Andi" Fugate has been with the firm for 9 years performing the functions of treasurer and payroll clerk for several schools.